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ALIZE -24"  

Challenge Trikes draw your attention with their shape that is recognizably Challenge without looking for the frame decal. Challenge DNA is evident in the tri-bend frame form with “split tube” rear stays. The down and away wings add to the feeling of freedom as you move forward, gliding through your new unobstructed world.

Challenge has designed many of its own components seen throughout the front end systems, refining the excellent handling dynamics of the chassis. Ergonomics and comfort are first rate and a full range of options place your Trike precisely into any application. From the Concept Trike, Challenge has continued development with the addition of the Aliz. The Aliz brings rear suspension and a fold in half feature that is quick, easy, and compact.

ALIZE -24"
SEAT HEIGHT 26 cm / 10,2 ”
BOTTOM BRACKET HEIGHT ca. 40 cm / 15,7”
WHEELBASE 117 cm / 46”
TOTAL WIDTH 83 cm / 32,6”
WHEEL SIZE (F / R) 20”/ 24” (ETRTO 406 / 507)
AVERAGE WEIGHT ca. 17,5 kg / 38,5 lbs
LIGHTWEIGHT VERSION available on request
TOTAL WEIGHT LIMIT 130 kg / 285 lbs rider and luggage
FRAME aluminium 7005 & 7020
BAGGAGE CAPACITY max 25 kg / 55 lbs
DAY RACK not available
VOYAGER RACK aluminium, for two large panniers or special recumbent bags
SEAT SYSTEMS hardshell GF or mesh-seat
REAR SUSPENSION yes, DNM DV22 Hydraulick, length = 165mm
WARRANTY ON FRAME lifetime on frame, 4 years on coating (for the first owner)


The Challenge kingpin system innovates with a multiple bearing stack, the main being an oversize industrial angular contact ball bearing for smooth steering action and vertical force absorption.
A cast stainless steel housing pillar enhances structural integrity while attractively concealing the engineering in a compact space.

Kingpin manual -EN (PDF)
Kingpin manual -FR (PDF)
Kingpin manual -NL (PDF)

Wheels mount on 17mm axles. Removing a wheel is easy, as the disc brake mounting plate comes off with the wheel.

The front wings of Challenge trikes are more than just visually stunning. The forward-angled design allows you to stand close to the seat, letting you sit down easily rather than having to `fall´ in.

The front wings of the Challenge Trikes are also critical for comfort. Alloy frames can be too rigid, transmitting vibrations harshly; thinner steel tubes are often more comfortable. Our trike wings combine the best of both worlds; the aerodynamic wing profi le has proven itself to provide plenty of strength even in the harshest use but with enough vertical fl exibility to offer effective vibration-absorbing passive suspension. Not obvious to the eye, but clear as you ride.

Click on the picture for motion animation.

Placing the central shock absorber below the frame retains the beautiful Challenge lines. The pass through link to the ultra rigid seat spine and properly placed swing arm pivot delivers a plush ride while maintaining excellent power delivery.

Click on the picture for motion animation.


The Challenge Alizé is a folding recumbent trike. Fits behind the seats of a small car without removing the boom. Disassambled, the Alize takes even less space.

Demonstration is showed with a Smart and an Alize-20".
The folding procedure for the Alize-24"is the identical, but just not fits behind the seat of a Smart.

Open the two quick-releases at the seatbrackets and remove the seat. The optional mesh-seat also connects wiht these
two quick-releases.

Open the quick-release on the frameplate. This unlocks the folding mechanism.
Push the end of the frame to the front and fold in half.

To protect the paint, place the Alize on the seat-pad or blanket and remove the rearwheel.
Then remove the 8mm front wheel center bolds wiht a 5mm allen key.

Wheels mount on 17mm axles. Removing a wheel is easy, as the disc brake mounting plate comes off with the wheel. Mudguards is also fitted to the brake mounting plate and comes with it too.

Put the frame, seat and wheels behind the seats and close the "window"